We love free range grilled chicken! Our team serves them everyday, with the best on the side, in an urban, modern and relaxed location. We look for dynamic, intelligent and passionate people, to be part of our team and grow with us. If you identify with this profile, contact us.


    Career development

    Client Cucurico

    Learn all the secrets of the chicken makes every visit of the customer an unforgettable experience.


    Enjoy what you have learned and start teaching the other experts in your restaurant. Inspire your colleagues!

    Store Trainer

    It gives the jump of the chicken! Start training other colleagues outside your unit, helping management teams in new locations and new customers.

    Shift Manager

    Master what you know and start managing a unit in your day to day, from teams to product, always thinking about customers. Team up with a manager who helps you learn more.

    Unit Manager

    It's your moment. Run a restaurant and lead your experts, shift chefs and chicken trainers. Develop the business as a manager. The glory of the barbecue is your limit.

    Operations Manager

    Leads, motivates and inspires teams from various locations. Work with the managers of each restaurant to get the best experience for all customers and the tools needed for all teams.