To start the best way, crispy chicken skins, corn polenta sticks ou a lupin hummus.

We only serve grilled free range chicken, with sea salt. You can eat the part you love the most (drumsticks, breasts, thighs or wings), share the whole chicken or taste the burger, it will always be free range and packed with flavor.

Free range chicken deserves the right company: homemade potato chips, grilled vegetables, salads and bread on the grill, just pick your favorite.

Vegetarians are also welcome: they have a Fresh Salad, with grilled vegetables and lentils, just for them.

For the sweet tooth, there’s a real cocoa and chocolate cake, grilled fruit and a mixed nuts tart.

We only serve Portuguese craft beer, made in Lisbon by Dois Corvos.

Our wine comes straight from Vidigueira to Lx Factory, produced by Cortes de Cima.