Here we have chicken on fire, full of flavor and attention, we party and gather families and good food.

Our chicken is totally portuguese, born and raised in open fields. We grilled them only with sea salt, under real flames, and serve them up with natural garnishes, packed with flavor. Our chicken is real, fully honest and down to earth. They’re cucuricos.

Here you can eat by hand, no one will notice, and you can eat the part you love the most. There’s one for every taste, from the thighs to the wings or breasts. Don’t stress over who get’s the drumsticks, they’re all yours.

We have noting to hide, it’s an open grill pit and the chicken is almost ready. The chips are homemade, the veggies are grilled fast and fresh, and the beer runs cold on tap.

We welcome you on your own, with friends or family, it’s an open field for all. If you prefer a cosiest place, the chicken is ready to go home with you. Just let us know, we wrap it up the best way: tasty. No bs, chicken on fire.